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two combins in an office

Combins have turbocharged our recycling initiative, enabling us to recycle on a remarkably tight budget. They look great; I’m often asked where we got them.

Alison Howard – Monmouthshire County Council
two combins in an office
two combins in an office

We've been looking for something like combin for a long time - they are affordable, neat and simple. Also the lid can be easily wiped clean - for the odd coffee marks.

Lowri Patten - Cardiff Metropolitan University
Combin Office Recycle Bin - Unmatched affordability

Flat-packed recycling at a great price.

At just £8.40 per bin, the combin offers unmatched affordability.

Combin Office Recycle Bin - Durable corrugated plastic lid

Durable plastic lid.

Durability where it counts:
the corrugated plastic lid prolongs the life of the bin and resists liquids.

Combin Office Recycle Bin - Corrugated cardboard base

Cardboard base.

Economy where it counts: the corrugated cardboard base (majority of the bin) keeps the cost down. whilst still being strong and functional.

Combin Office Recycle Bin - Sticker set

25 Labels.
120 combinations.

Each pack of 5 combins comes with 25 pictogram stickers (5 each of: general waste, mixed recycling, plastic bottles, cans and paper).

Combin Office Recycle Bin - Flat Pack

Assembly; piece of cake.

Each slim, easy-to-store box contains 5 combins.
Assembly couldn't be simpler and takes no time at all.

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Recycled Content
by weight
by weight


We believe that as a manufacturer we are responsible for doing our best to make our products as sustainable as possible. When designing, we comprehensively evaluate environmental impacts of the products in their full lifecycle.

In manufacture, delivery, in service and most importantly; end of life recycling. As we evolve as a company, and as technology evolves, we can further improve the sustainability of our products and operations.

Made in the UK.

For minimal carbon footprint.

Combin Office Recycle Bin - Dimensions
60 Litres

60 Litre capacity.

Each combin has a capacity of 60L - an ideal size for most office and workplace applications. It fits standard liners and isn't too heavy when full of heavy paper.