When I heard about the uBins being post-consumer plastic I wanted them straight away! For those who know, this is a big deal and we wanted to be part of it.

Nuno Costa – IKEA Wembley
uBin Office Recycle Bin - made from 100% Post-consumer recycled plastic

100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Not only is the uBin 100% recycled plastic, but it's also the first bin in the world from recycled UK post-consumer plastic! An unprecedented environmental credential.

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uBin Office Recycle Bin - sticker set

Free sticker set.

6 x wrap compatible polypropylene stickers are included with every uBin. Each sticker is laminated with a matte polypropylene top layer for a slick looking, long lasting wear resistant finish.

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uBin Office Recycle Bin - shaped & coloured lid inserts

Shaped lid inserts.

Shaped & coloured lid inserts help even the most reluctant of recyclers to put the right things in the right bins. The lid inserts can be easily changed, so if your uBin changes role at a later date, no problem.

uBin Office Recycle Bin - Airhole


The recessed air vent lets air in when removing the liner - making it very easy to empty the uBin.

Four awards awarded to green warehouse

International Award Winning.

Don't take our word for it; the uBin has won many awards for it's innovation and environmental credentials.

uBin Office Recycle Bin - Overhanging Lid

Overhanging lid.

The deep overhanging lid neatly hides ugly liners from view.


Wall thickness.

2.5mm makes the uBin one of the thickest bins on the market.

uBin Office Recycle Bin - tall design

Tall design.

Maximum visibility and prevents the user from bending down.

uBin Office Recycle Bin - sloping lid

Sloping lid.

Visible from a distance and prevents stray items being left on the lid.

two uBins, one with lid, one without lid

With or without.

The uBin is just as elegant without the coloured insert, offering you more budget flexibility.

360 view
uBin Office Recycle Bin - Joining Clip

Link together.

Keep your uBins neatly together with the hidden Joining Clip. Liners can be changed without removing the clip.

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Recycled Content
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We believe that as a manufacturer we are responsible for doing our best to make our products as sustainable as possible. When designing, we comprehensively evaluate environmental impacts of the products in their full lifecycle.

In manufacture, delivery, in service and most importantly; end of life recycling. As we evolve as a company, and as technology evolves, we can further improve the sustainability of our products and operations.

Made in the UK.

For minimal carbon footprint.

uBin Office Recycle Bin - Dimensions
70 Litres

70 Litre capacity.

Each uBin has a capacity of 70L - an ideal size for most office and workplace applications. It fits standard liners and isn't too heavy when full of heavy paper.