Supporting clean seas

“Today we are more than surfers, and it’s about more than sewage”

Britain’s seas are under attack from plastic, sewage, and pollution, but Surfers Against Sewage are fighting back. We have joined the Ocean Network, a network of businesses sponsoring the Surfers Against Sewage charity, working to improve the quality of our seas for everyone.

At Green Warehouse, we’re committed to doing everything we can to create a safer and more sustainable environment. Our oceans are a critical resource for us all and want to play a role in tackling pollution – which is why we’ve joined the Ocean Network.

The Ocean Network is a new initiative led by the campaign group Surfers Against Sewage. As part of the Ocean Network, we join over 300 other businesses helping to drive change and improve the quality of our seas.

“We’re here because of the Ocean. Let’s fight for it”

Our investment will help to directly fund the work of Surfers Against Sewage. The Cornwall-based charity is active across the UK, raising awareness of plastic in our oceans and campaigning to end dumping of sewage into the rivers and seas by water companies. They’re actively engaging with the Government and agencies to tackle illegal activity and improve water quality standards.

SAS started 30 years ago; a group of surfers on the north coast of Cornwall, fighting back to clean up the sea so they would stop getting sick.

But they soon realised it wasn’t just people getting sick from ocean pollution. It was the planet as well. And that for people to thrive and live life to the fullest, the ocean must thrive too. So they started rising up on more issues, tackling all that threatens the ocean.

30 years on, now campaigning on water quality, plastic pollution, ocean recovery and the climate emergency. And from the beachfront to the frontbench, pavements to the hilltops, they’re creating Ocean Activists everywhere. People who are committed to protecting the ocean and all it makes possible.

A lot has changed in the last three decades. But when it boils down to it we’re still a group of water lovers, fighting back, to clean up the sea. It’s just now there are more of us, with more corners to fight. 

You can learn more about the Ocean Network and Surfers Against Sewage here.